2005/07/24: Beginnings Always Suck

If you had images turned on, you would be laughing right now.
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This comment is for first time readers, you are in for quite a surprise. Unless you expected this comic to be amazing, then I guess you wouldn't be surprised... Anywho, enjoy the ride!!

Strongspank, 2011-04-10 01:07:40 UTC

Aww, thanks, Strongspank! I can also say: the art gets better, don't worry! ^_^

Tria, 2011-10-16 12:56:42 UTC

Another day, another webcomic to start reading.

Unanonymous, 2012-01-22 00:32:27 UTC

Oh shit! When I started reading, I saw Tria's commen, and when I caught up to present I was like "I didn't see a change in art!", an then I came back here and my MIND WAS BLOWN THE FUCK AWAY!!!! Improved Tria, you have.

Pie4ever0, 2012-04-25 23:43:20 UTC

Ow, my eyes. :'( It's a funny joke though. :)

ExPaladin, 2012-08-22 00:20:58 UTC

I prefer the beginning thatvyou guys have on deviant art.

Rowan Rhed, 2013-04-07 08:20:04 UTC

I fracking finally found this comic again (Darn'd hard drive crashes). Time to start the awesomeness :)

Afool, 2013-11-06 04:26:00 UTC

link other begining plz

@rhed, 2014-09-20 01:57:33 UTC

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