2014/10/07: Kickstarter 3 Time!

If you had images turned on, you would be laughing right now.
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What it says, 10 days, 1500 dollars (of posting this), or we will not be able to produce the last physical volume. WE CAN DO IT! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1304700212/dubious-company-volume-3 Also, stick around we've got some flash fiction I wrote (set in the DBC universe) as an extra treat.

TagalongDT, 2014-10-07 07:13:53 UTC

Hey guys! Yeah, we are cutting it a bit close this time, thus the slightly panicky tone, but I'm sure, if we all work together, we can do this! And as Ben says, stick around, we've got some flash fiction to be posted here ^_^

Tria, 2014-10-07 07:25:23 UTC

Dammit, I wish I had money to spare.

Zero, 2014-10-07 17:01:50 UTC

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