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Posted by Ben at 2012-08-22 00:37:48 UTC

Alright, first off some good news. We’re going to Kumoricon the first of September (seriously the convention runs from September 1-3). We’ll, of course, be sharing a table with the amazing Jake Richmond where we will be selling not only our wonderful comics, but the entire line of Cel*Style products. I hope you’ll all stop by the booth again and at least say, “hi.” If you can’t do that Jake and I will be giving a reprise of our panel “Dubious Medusa” on Sunday (Sept. 2) at 3:30 in the Hemlock room (so Kumoricon says, but they’ve also said that’s subject to change. We’ll keep you updated). We’ve learned a lot in the past year and we’re more than happy to share what we’ve learned with all of you.

Now, some more good news! We mentioned it before but Tria and I are working on a new comic called Licensed Heroes. To answer a few anticipated questions: No we’re not stopping DBC for Licensed Heroes, our plan is to run both comics at the same time, and we’ve hopefully streamlined our comic process enough that we can do that without me or Tria dying. Dubious Company will run until I’ve told the story I was initially planning on telling (or making fun of, I can’t remember and I lost my notebook); that’s an aside though. Licensed Heroes is comical fantasy that takes place in an anachronistic fantasy world. The comic follows the adventures of Tempest, who has just graduated Adventuring School and jumps into the wide world of being an official Licensed Hero! Sadly, like our world, he quickly learns that his dream job isn’t as idyllic as he thought it would be, and he’s going to spend most of his time navigating the bureaucratic systems of The Adventuring Guilds rather than doing his actual job. First comic will be posted September 8, 2012 (and yes we know that’s cutting it really close to Kumoricon but we’re just awesome like that).


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Con Breakdown (Breakdown at the Cons)

Posted by Ben at 2012-08-21 04:32:00 UTC

So Geek Girl Con went amazingly well. Being in a well lit, air-conditioned room was a nice change from the usual giant rooms lit only by florescent lights and being heated by thousands of humans. This, coupled with some of the friendliest staff and chill con goers I’ve ever encountered made the con actually relaxing. It was amazing, I don’t normally get to relax at cons.

Oh yeah, and Pixie Dash was there as Tiren. I’m sorry, that came out wrong. PIXIE DASH WAS TIREN EEEEEE! That’s pretty much what I sounded like the first couple of hours at the con. She did an amazing job and you can find the photos at our Facebook or our Deviant Art Page. It was wonderful having such a talented costumer helping us out. She even brought in some of her friends from The Northwest Mutant Academy. We even got to do a minor Batman Vs Tiren photoshoot. I’ve never had so much fun.

I wish I could say the same for Gen Con. The whole convention was colored by the fact that United Airlines bumped us off the final leg of our journey. They compensated for…basically not being able to fly us to Indianapolis, but we were stuck renting a car and driving from Chicago to Indianapolis. Did I mention I was the only member of our group with a valid driver’s license? Did I also mention that I couldn’t sleep on the flight there, and we had a red eye flight so I was running on 45 minutes of sleep for the past 24 hours? Well, I was the only one allowed the drive the car and I hadn’t slept for the pervious day. It was…not fun. In fact, it was the opposite of fun.

Sadly, the exhaustion from the unexpected long distance driving ruined the rest of the convention. I had fun running Cel*Style Games for Games on Demand but I just wasn’t on my game. I think Jake and Nick had it worse, trying to sell stuff at the booth while not actually having enough sleep to string two sentences together. Oh well, at least my players seemed to have fun. And that’s what counts right?


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No Rest For the Writer

Posted by Ben at 2012-08-14 08:36:31 UTC

Howdy folks, I’m sorry there won’t a con break down for Geek Girl Con juuuuust yet. I’m heading to Gen Con literally tomorrow. But, I will say Pixie Dash and her friends at the Northwest Mutant Academy made it awesome! In the meantime, if you’re at Gen Con this weekend you can enjoy my amazing narrative skills by joining in one of my games. I’ll be Game Mastering for Games on Demand in room 238 during the following times:
Fri: 4pm-10pm
Saturday: 12pm-4pm
Sunday: 10am-12pm.

Oh, right before I go, two things: Tria is Kickstartering her own personal project, Tales of a Gaijin, and you folk should totally support her…even if I didn’t have anything to do with it.

Also, Tria and I are working on a new project. You can check out the cover art here.

I’ll tell you guys a bit more after Gen Con.


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