Rant time!

Posted by Elaine at 2006-05-10 17:48:15 UTC

Yes, as Tagalong said, I was at ACEN this last weekend. Unfortunately, I was not learning to draw better, but was instead finding out how to pursue my dream as a voice actress. I got to meet Quinton Flynn (the voice of Axel in KH II, Reno in FF7:AC and Iruka in Naruto (Tim’s note: And Raiden in MGS2. Can’t forget Raiden.)) and he was totally awesome.

So as I said, I was at ACEN and when I got back and all I realized one horrible thing: I’m poor. So veeeery poor, and as I’m going to Ireland this summer, I won’t be able to get a job. So, I’m deciding to take a stab at the commission business (as I tried at Fanime, and I worked pretty well). So here we go: If you want an example of my art, take a look. I’ll do almost anything but I do draw a few lines. Email me if you want a commission, but if it’s something really horrid and icky, I may refuse. Buy try me, I may surprise you _ so yes, and remember… I NEEEEEEDS DA MONEYS! Also, I like drawing! ____


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ACEN 2006

Posted by Ben at 2006-05-08 15:51:26 UTC

So, ACEN was awesome as usual. I met up with Tria, who is as cute and
talented as usual. Feel free to browse her deviant art site to check
out some of her cosplay pics.

I made it to several panels on how to write for comics, so hopefully
you’ll see at least a minor improvement in the writing quality (cause
apparently I just wasn’t funny BEFORE Acen). Met a lot of new people,
and just generally overdosed on anime and manga.

Anyway, we’re both back and ready to give you more piratey, ninjay goodness.


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The Future is Here!

Posted by Tim at 2006-05-03 20:29:27 UTC

sings Syndicated… Incorporated…

So, Dubious Company now has an RSS feed. This is the first of many pointless features I’m adding because I’m bored. If your browser supports RSS (this should be almost all browsers except IE before version 7), you can now get automatic updates when there’s a new comic. I’ve also added a feed for rants, linked from the bottom of the page to pre-emptively appease Ben, but let’s be honest with ourselves: you don’t care.

Currently I’ve set the feed to link to and display the latest five comics. Is this too many? Not enough? Do you like me? Are there stag beetles in your pants? If any of the above questions reflect your opinion, my e-mail address is over on the Contact page. Your input is especially appreciated if you’re a regular user of other RSS feeds, since I don’t use them myself.

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