Tonight's Update

Posted by Tim at 2006-01-02 03:47:27 UTC

Sorry for the short downtime and the late update, folks. Tagalong and I had different numbering schemes for comics, which diverged more and got more confusing with every special comic, so I had to rework some code to merge the two in preparation for a total redesign of the site, which will definitely be up by the time the next comic hits, maybe sooner.

Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned!

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Super Happy Fun Holiday Season

Posted by Ben at 2005-12-26 01:13:33 UTC

It is indeed the holiday season. The air is cold, there’s snow on the ground (or rain if you’re in California like me), and you can feel the tense cheeriness in the air. Personally, I can’t stand it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no real problem with the holidays, and the over all idea of them. It’s the gift giving I can’t stand. There’s waaay too much commercialism in today’s America. Ah well, you all came here to read comics, not listen to me rant. Have a happy holiday season all. I’m off to watch kung-fu movies (with pirates in them).

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The Ultimate Showdown

Posted by Tim at 2005-12-24 01:43:28 UTC

…of Ultimate Destiny. An awesome flash animation by the same guys who brought you “Ebaums World dot Com”. I thought you guys might enjoy it.

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