OOOOh Spoooooky!

Posted by Ben at 2005-10-31 18:35:02 UTC

Yes, this rant is late, I had real life things taking over my life (like BOTH parents of my nephew becoming sick at the same time).
No, there isn’t a Halloween Comic.
No, it’s not because I forgot.
Yes, it’s because I want to speed up the advancement to the next plot arc (read: loosely connected series of jokes).
No, this doesn’t mean we’ll never do another special comic.
No this has nothing to do with the fact that I NEVER get invited to Halloween parties….I’m going off to a corner to cry now.

Seriously though, if you want costumey goodness, check out Lust For Freelance. She is awesome for doing that.

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Okays, I got a rant!!

Posted by Elaine at 2005-10-30 20:22:53 UTC

Wooooow!! People are reading the comic?? Yaaay! You guys rock!! Well, I hope you all like the art and all that. It

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Learning the Language

Posted by Ben at 2005-10-26 18:01:10 UTC

Honestly, I’m surprised by the number of my friends who knew what “keelhauling” actually meant. Double bonus points for those of you who caught that Walter’s been pronouncing it wrong the whole time. But that’s okay, cause it’s “pirate speak.”

Oh and as for comic number 12. The was no misspelling in the title. I meant to do that, it’s um…pirate speak for superfluous. Yeah, that’s it. You’re not buying it are you? HEY LOOK OVER THERE!! Runs Away

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