Look at me, I'm talkin'!

Posted by Ben at 2005-10-10 23:01:15 UTC

WooHoo, we have a rant and news page up. Now we can all keep you updated with the comings and goings of the comic. And our lives…maybe…probably not, I don’t think anyone cares.

Right, so nine o’clock and all’s well with the comic. Elaine looks like she might be all up in the finals thing soon however, but fear not we have contingency plans in place to bring you more comicy goodness through-out…all like 80 of you.

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Testing... 1... 2... 3...

Posted by Tim at 2005-10-09 20:57:52 UTC

What are you bastards looking at, huh?

Do I look FUNNY? Do I seem FUNNY to you?

Funny how? Funny like a clown?

Funny like a guy who steals lines from old movies?

No, I guess not. Nevermind, carry on then.

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