Short, but Fun (and Important)

Posted by Ben at 2011-11-28 00:03:38 UTC

So, we’re only almost to the end of our Kickstarter for Volume one, but there’s a few announcements I’d like to go over with you:

First and foremost, we’ve been featured on a Kicking It Geek Style! Go ahead and read it, Noel gets us to reveal some pretty interesting stuff about how the comic is done (though I may do a full rant on that later). You should also bookmark that blog, he does a great job of featuring different projects that are being Kickstarted (like ours!)

Second, I’ve put up the redone comic 12, you can find it both at our Kickstarter, and at our Deviant Art. As of writing this we’re only 39 dollars from needing to redo Comic 20.

Which brings me to my final point, Tria and I have decided that, because you’re all so awesome, we’ll give everyone who backs us a desktop wallpaper, that’s regardless of backing level. If we can get to $3500, everyone will get two, double the fun!

Given how well we’ve been doing, I’m pretty sure that we’ll get the er…super extra achievement goal without an issue!


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What’s That on the Horizon?

Posted by Ben at 2011-11-01 07:18:08 UTC

Ahoy! There! On the horizon! It’s Dubious Company, Volume One! Kind of, sort of, there’s actually a couple of issues that we need to work out before Tria and I can pump out Volume One of this comic. Mostly we need funding, specifically $1500 dollars. But that’s okay, because you guys can help us. Hit up our Kickstarter and help contribute to the production of Dubious Company Volume One. Now, I realize that at least a few of you have a few questions about what’s going on; don’t worry, I’ll answer your questions in a fake interview.

Q: What is a Kickstarter exactly?
A: Kickstarter is a company that helps fund creative projects, specifically they streamline the process of making a fundraiser and marketing said fundraiser to various people, hopefully people who want to give your project money so you can complete said project.

Q: That sounds awesome! What’s the catch? There’s always a catch.
A: Kickstarter (well, Kickstarter and Amazon, the ones who actually handle the money) charge a processing fee. Between the two of them they take about 10% of the money raised. So we actually need slightly less than $1500 dollars, but that covers the fees they charge and the cost of producing and mailing the rewards.

Q: Wait, rewards? There are rewards for contributing to you guys?
A: Heck yes, and they are awesome rewards. A few of you have donated to us in the past (You know who you are, and we love you for it. Your donations went to server fees in case you were wondering) but this is slightly different. First is the fact that all of the money (well, as much as possible anyway) has to go toward the specific project mentioned. So all of your contributions will work toward us putting out Volume One of Dubious Company. The second thing is you’ll be reward for contributing to our project. We’ve got a lot of neat rewards prepped, from your name in the book, to a role in a special comic, even a commission from Tria. That’s right, for helping us get out Volume One, we’re giving you awesome stuff.

Q: That sounds kind of neat, but what if I just want the book?
A: Dubious Company Volume One is actually one of the rewards you can get for contributing to the project. Specifically, contributing 25 dollars (or more) will net you a preorder for the book, a set of three Dubious Company bookmarks, and your name in the book (as part of the contributors page) so you can show off to your friends. If you’re interested you can also be reward with (in ascending contribution order), a copy of The Evil Tower of Evil, up to three special prints Tria is putting together, a walk on role in a special comic Tria and I are putting together, a line in that special comic, a commission from Me, the amazing TagalongDT, and a commission from Tria. It’s all detailed at

Q: That sounds pretty good, you folks will get the money in no time, right?
A: Well, the kickstarter only lasts for 30 days, so we HAVE to have raised the $1500 by then. That gives us the month of November to try to raise the cash we need. The other catch is that Kickstarter is an all or nothing gamble, either we make our goal (or beyond, that would be most excellent) and we get the money, or we fail (even if we’re at $1499 it counts as a failure) and we walk away empty handed. The only upside (if you want to call it that) is that if a project fails to get funded, no fees are charged. But I trust you guys will make sure that we are absolutely funded, and beyond.

Q: Honestly, I’d love to help you guys out, but the economy’s bad, and I’ve no cash, and there are zombies outside my door, and my cat just threw up on my good sweater.
A: Hey, interviewer, that’s not a question. Anyway, I realize money can be a little tight for some of you, but literally anything will help, even five dollars gets us five dollars closer to our goal. I’m pretty sure most of you can spare five bucks during the month of November. And I’m positive that if everyone who reads this contributes even five dollars we’ll have our project funded in no time.

Q: No really, I don’t have any money, but I love your comic and want to help out, what can I do?
A: Well, if you honestly can’t even spare a few dollars (and I realize there are some of you in that situation) there is something you can do, actually that all of you, regardless of how much you contribute, can do to help: Tell everyone. Seriously, tell everyone you know about both our comic and our kickstarter. And not just verbally (that can get a bit awkward), but post it on your blogs, tweet it, G+, FB, Deviant art. If you do anything that other people, read, hear or look at, mention Dubious Company and our kickstarter to them, and see if they’d be willing to help out a hilariously awesome comic. Post this link: constantly.

Q: Oh Tag! You’re the most awesomely, wonderful, hilariously, creative person I know, please let me have your babies!
A: Why thank you, fake interviewer I completely made up so I could write this rant. But I’d honestly prefer that you spend all that energy promoting and contributing to our Kickstarter.

Well, there you have it folks. Head to the Dubious Company Kickstarter and take a gander at what we’ve set up. Post that link everywhere, and before you know it, you’ll all have your own copy of Dubious Company Volume One in your hands. Honestly, you’ve all been so supportive in the past, I don’t think we’ll have any problems getting the funding we ne

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Kumoricon 2011 Breakdown

Posted by Ben at 2011-09-10 08:28:34 UTC

Whew, we’re back, and I’m not talking about that little server meltdown, though thank you everyone for sticking with us during that incident. Trust me, it came completely out of left field. No, I’m talking about being back from Kumoricon 2011. And I have to say, it was a surprisingly fun show. I should mention that this is the first time I’ve officially been to a con officially as my official Dubious Company self…er…officially. Almost all the other times have been Tria representing herself, and I just handed her DBC stuff when I met up with her, then went off and do fun con things. But this time I was flying solo, in the sense that I lent half my table in Artist’s Alley to Jake from Modest Medusa (because I owe that man more favors than I can count). Since this was my first time running a table I asked Jake, “What’s it going to be like? What should I prep for?”

Jake responded, “Oh man, Ben,” that’s my real name, Ben, “Oh man, Ben. Get ready to be bored out of your skull.” And so I did, I brought my PSP, I brought my DS, I brought my trusty notebook and pens. I was all ready for a dull day full of scribbling plot notes and playing Final Fantasy IV. Boy were we surprised. We could afford, at most, one of us to sit down for maybe five or ten minutes at a time. Otherwise we were both up and talking with con goers, or handing out free stuff (cheap sample comics, like the first fifteen pages of DBC, so nothing you guys would miss), in one case I met a pack of fellow Bronies and had a 30 minute squeefest. It was completely awesome. And that was just the first day at the convention.

Day Two was more of the same, only now we had the panel hanging over our heads. Honestly, neither Jake nor I were expecting much. We were scheduled to start about half an hour before Masquerade (you know, right when everyone is lining up for the event). Competing with the most popular event at a convention usually bodes ill for attendance to your panel. At most we were expecting a few of Jake’s students to show up, and we’d end up playing a quick game of whatever before heading back down to our table in Artist Alley.

When we arrived, there were a few people waiting for us, and by about five minutes before we were scheduled to start we’d gotten about half the room full (to our surprise and delight). So we both figure that this is about as good as it’s going to get and we start the panel. And I talk a bit about Dubious Company, and Jake talks a bit about Modest Medusa, and the five minutes pass, and people suddenly start coming into the room. It was amazing, by the time the 5:30 hit (when we were supposed to actually start) there were maybe five or six seats left in the room. It was glorious, I was amazed and ecstatic. Jake and I answered as many questions as we could about the creation of webcomics (mostly about marketing them actually) and we actually ran over by about half an hour. I wish you all could have been there, and for those readers that were there, thank you for making the panel a joy to present.

The only downside to the panel was the whole thing left Jake and I completely wiped for the final day of the convention. It’s a good thing user Akiko showed up. Seriously, she stopped by right after we opened (and I’m pretty sure she was front row for the whole panel). At first she just chatted but as more people stopped by the table, Jake and I found out she was better at selling our products than we were. So not only is she good conversation, but she’s a great booth babe (unofficially). She also has a great blog you guys should check out here. Fan Audrea also stopped by to show off some of her art. Those figurines are freaking awesome FYI. But those two really helped keep our energy up, and in Akiko’s case, just um…took over our jobs (I paid her via a T-shirt, don’t worry).

All and all it was a great show. The only other thing I have left to say is to give a shout out to our friendly neighbors in Artist’s Alley. The folks next to us did some brisk business selling keychains and stickers. They kindly donated balloon animals to us, and keep up good times with good tunes. Oh and they let me buy a Twilight Sparkle keychain on the cheap (I got the last one HA HA HA!). The booth across from us mostly sold fan badges, but she also has a great comic called Mahou Shounen. I managed to trade her a copy of her comic for a copy of Evil Tower of Evil. Oh, and I bought a Derpy Hooves badge from her. Which I wear proudly.

So overall, super successful convention. Thanks to everyone that supported us, and to everyone that found the site from Kumoricon. Oh, and if you haven’t figured it out, I’m a Brony.

PS: Anyone in the Seattle area? Jake and I are going to be at Jet City on Sept 24th.


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