Character Bios



Name: Tiren

Age: 21

Species: Half Human/Half Beastman

Blood type: B

Special Notes/Powers: Through intense training Tiren has learned to hide an innumerable amount of weapons on her person, regardless of what she happens to be wearing. She also has the magical ability to make Tria forget to draw her tail.

Profile: Trained ninja and expert martial artist Tiren often finds herself acting as the brawn to the rest of the group’s lack of brain. Though this situation may have less to do with her training and more to do with the fact that Tiren is horribly violent. While not exactly a “Tiren Angry! Tiren Smash!” level of violence, her life has taught her that often the most straight forward approaches yield the best results. In Tiren’s case “straight forward approach” just happens to involve a lot of punching, or drinking. So much drinking. Usually rum. Typically someone that goes her own way, Tiren’s developed a bit of a soft spot for her current traveling companions.

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