Happy finals week...oh, and birthday

Posted by Elaine on 2008-12-09

Enjoy the filler! It’s finals week for me and Tagalong, so while we’re dying over in this corner here, you just go ahead and amuse yourselves as we DIE over here. :P No, but really, enjoy. Also, Happy Birthday meeeee.

Note: for anyone who may not understand, there’s something about sue where their parents have to have died in a fire, along with their puppy and kitten and ALL their best friends. The particular instance we are referring to is a certain book series where the main character’s step father (in the TV show) dies in a fire. (in the books, and i assume in the Tv show as well) his mother dies in a fire, his real father (who is the bad guy, apparently) was injured by a wizard fire that killed HIS father… you get the picture. It all seemed so ridiculous that we had to write something about it. Also, OMG new characters! 0_0