Fair Warning

Posted by Ben on 2008-12-09

We warned you guys, you can’t say we didn’t warn you. We’ve been posting and hinting and complaining about finals coming up for the past couple of weeks, so you can’t say we didn’t warn you. As a special note, we’ve been planning this particular comic for about a month; that explains why Tria had time to color it and make it look all nice and spiffy.

But yeah, we’re basically up to our ears in projects, papers, essays, final scripts (not for the comic sadly), exams, tests, and I think one of Tria’s professors is actually an angry bear. The worst part is, for me, this is just prep for finals; my actual finals are next week. But fear not, caffine is here (god my kidneys are going to hate me for this week).

As for today’s comic, well, I only WISH creating Mary Sues was this hilariously awesome. Sadly it seems to just involve creating what you envision to be the perfect person with no flaws, then making them all sad about having no flaws (and possibly oblivious to the fact that they’re flawless). If that doesn’t work, go ahead and start killing off random and pointless family members (and for a Mary Sue ALL family members are pointless) in horribly cliche ways. Fire appears to be most popular, but anything from barbarian raids to space shuttle accidents works.

On the plus side, I know the look of the Author character is based off of me, but I can only dream of looking that awesome in a labcoat. Look at that! Bask in his total mad scientist vibe of badassness.

Oh and Tria is, in fact, getting older like the rest of us. As such everyone is required to rejoice and partake of merriment and mirth for her birthday. Go now! Have fun! I command it!

…yeah. I’m going to take a nap and then work some more on my Shakespearian essay.