Slowly Coercing the New Year In!

Posted by Ben on 2009-01-01

So, I’m going to admit that I’ve been floating in and out of consiousness these past few weeks. And I realize that for most people this state of being is just called “sleeping” but it’s been a little different for me. I’ve effectively asleep, unconsious, or just plain floating through my mind for a little more than a month. Which I guess is what happens when you only get 2 hours of sleep for a month (thank you once again finals) and then can finally relax.

But, seeing as it’s the New Year (officially now, every calender I have says it’s 2009) I thought I’d wake my sorry ass up and usher in the new year properly. By…er…posting a rant on my webcomic at 5:30 in the morning.

Look, to each his own ok? Did you guys at least like our special New Year’s comic? You’ll notice there isn’t one because we decided we wasted too much time with final fillers, and holiday fillers. But! But to make up for it I’m going to have a very special TagalongDT’s Top Ten List of Nouns for 2008.

Ready? Ok, here we go!

  1. Wait, hold on

  2. I lost my place

  3. Are we still going?

  4. Well, stop

6 Seriously, stop listing things

  1. Ok, I got it now

  2. Cheese Wheels? I don’t like cheese wheels

  3. Who’s been messing with my list?

  4. Ok, seriously I’ve got it now, we can start

  5. Hang on a second, is the mic actually on?

And there you have it, TagalongDT’s Top Ten List of Nouns for the previous year. I’m particularly found of number 7.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with us for another year, and have a great new year.