New features

Posted by Elaine on 2009-01-27

Welcome aboard Dubious Company flight 177. The crew is very pleased in announcing that we have a few new attributes today aboard our flight. For one, if you look straight above, you will see the comic. In that comic, you might noticed that the heads are drawn a little differently. That is because a new head-drawing tactic was used. If you can’t notice specifically, I hope at least it looks good to you because to me, at least, there is a glaring difference and I think it’s not too bad. I hope you agree. Next, I am excited to inform you that we have in fact acquired a shoutbox! If you look above the comic and to your right, there is a button called “contact.” Click that button and underneath all of the emails (which we still love to get) there is a little box. You may type in that box to, say, say hello, tell us what we’re doing right so that we may keep doing it, pop in a few suggestions now and again. We do ask that you keep it at least PG-13 appropriate, otherwise we will have to go in an remove your lovely message. And if I tried that, it would probably break the whole site and then you wouldn’t get the new comic, then would you. ^_^ Well, I hope you enjoy these new features, and I hope you stop in and say hello. Enjoy your flight, it should be a smooth one. Your connecting flight is Dubious Company 178 on Thursday January 29th, but I must warn you that there is a bit of Gary and Marty in the forecast, so it might be a bit of a turbulent ride. Or a very nice one, how ever you deal with Stus. Please enjoy your flight with us and I hope you continue to fly with Dubious Company.