New Year Redux

Posted by Ben on 2009-01-28

Like the inevitable march of morning toward the man who’s stayed out too late drinking, a realization dawns on me: It’s not the New Year. Not anymore. It’s been 2009 for like…a month or something. My old rant is way out of date.

So, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! I’m chinese so I’m allowed to do stuff like this. I think it’s the Year of the Ox. But since I have no oxen around to ask, I can’t really verify this information.

Otherwise, the only thing else I have to say is that we now have a shout box up. It’s under our contacts page (see the link up under our banner? Shaped like an envelope). Go ahead and leave us a message about what you think, what we need to change, or just how awesome we are. Yay! don’t we like new things?