One MoreThing (Actually Two)

Posted by Ben on 2009-02-03

So in a unanimous desicion made by Tria (and a bit of prompting and asking from me) we’ve decided to move the Shout Box to the front page. You may have noticed it already. I hope you did anyway, you had to scroll through it to get to this rant. We feel this will make it easier for all you adoring fans to let us know what you think about us. However, if you liked the Shout Box where it was, worry not. Thanks to the magic of “copy/pasting” code the Shout Box is still in the contacts page. So, if you really feel like clicking on a couple of extra buttons to do the exact same thing, go ahead.

In other news, it’s been noted that since we’ve changed our update schedule some people have lost track of when we actually update. To combat this we’ve posted our update schedule right under the comic navigation bar…above the Shout Box. Seriously, you had to scroll through that to get to this rant. Does anyone even read these rants? Whatever. So, as is noted we now update Tuesdays and Thursdays, barring…well just death. And don’t worry, I’m taking an online course in necromancy; soon even death will not be a problem. We’ll become an unstoppable juggernaut of comedy and cliches. MUUUUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!