Posted by Elaine on 2009-02-04

So I see that the shout box is getting lots of use, and I’m glad. I’m glad that you all like the comic and I’m glad that all our hard work is going to entertain some very awesome people :) Thank you for the good lucks on my midterms :) It’s only one actually test but it on top of everything is a bit hard. Not to mention that the test is on International Politics. And the articles I have to read are some of the most tedious that I’ve read in years. Suffice to say, it’s taking a lot longer to read them. 26 pages to tell me that why the reason states want power is for survival, one paragraph saying how the next paragraph will organized and an entire PAGE on the definition of equilibrium. On the plus side, it is training me well for when I eventually help my boyfriend become Overlord of Earth. ;) Well, I apologize for Thursday’s comic, if it looks a little rushed it’s due to the exhaustion, the horrible boring things to study and the stress. I’ll have a little more time over the weekend, but I have to write and revise a story by the 16th for a competition. Wish me luck! ~Tria