Things! And stuff!

Posted by Elaine on 2009-02-27

Hallo people, hope you all are enjoying the comic that I’m managing to crank out in between piles of homework and stress. It’s 8th week here at school which means two more weeks of classes then finals. Which means things are AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Then spring break (mostly going to be used to finish up stuff for acen). So, Acen. Yes, Acen is in May but with all the buttons I need to crank out, I need to start noooooow. (dies a little) Since I have little time, I’m doing just the basic ones. I know I got some (i.e. one) requests for Dubious Company buttons. To anyone who is going, would you actually be interested in DC buttons? If so, which characters? (email me or post in the shoutbox). I don’t know how many people read the rants now that the shoutbox is up (or how many read them in the first place…) but if you want anything for acen, speak soonish or forever hold your peace. In long term, I will probably do DC buttons, but this is more of a time thing. Opinions? ~Tria