Acen '09 Ahoy

Posted by Ben on 2009-05-07

Hi all! Everyone having a good time? Really? That’s great (or too bad, I’m not really listening to you, sorry). Anyway, in case you missed the last couple of posts, the shoutbox, the various comings and goings of the net, or have been living under a rock, Acen is coming up! Also, Tria and I are going! Also, we have an art table in the name of Dubious Company! Also, I’m going to stop using the annoying and repetitive sentence format.

Yes Acen, I’m excited. As stated, Tria and I will be running an art table. Actually TRIA will be running an art table, I’ll just be there…um…as moral support? And if anyone wants to talk to me. I’m fun to talk to…honest. Well okay, that’s kind of a lie, I do intend to spent a lot of time soaking up Con Culture and hanging out with old friends. BUT when I’m not there (or sleeping) I’ll be at the table with Tria.

So come on down, meet and greet us. We love to hear from fans, and we love to meet fans.

Oh also, Acen is pretty much going to wipe us out. So I hope you like today’s comic, cause you’re going to be staring at it for the next week (Which is only slightly shorter than the time it takes me to change these rants).

See you guys at Acen.