Just a Quick Update

Posted by Ben on 2009-06-17

So, just to reassure you all, the image is not broken. That is, in fact, a picture of the “the image is broken” image you are looking at, it’s all part of the joke friends. Anyway, Tria is gone for a bit. Something about graduating or some crap like that, not sure. The point is she’s clearly slacking and not working on the comic like she should. Feh! Like graduating is a good reason for wanting time off from the comic. Next thing you know she’ll want one for like, visiting family, or moving, or being dead.

Since I’m such a nice guy, I did give her the day off. But just one! She will get a comic to me for Thursday or there will be consequences! HORRIBLE CONSEQUENCES! No more paid vacations!

I don’t pay her…I don’t even pay myself. Sigh…I need a real job.