Special awesome news

Posted by Elaine on 2009-08-13

Soooo, you all may look at the comic on the 13th and be all “waiiiit a sec this is filler!and not drawn by Tria!” This is very true. We have a pair of guests artists drawing for the 13th and the 18th, filling in for me for a very gooood reason.

I’m getting married.

So yes. I’m hitting the stage of “I’m what? really? duuuude” and “I forgot WHAT?” soooo, I figured that the less stress on me, the better, so I’m taking the two days closest to the wedding off. But that’s all! Come the 20th, I’m back on the comic. Hard core, ain’t I? :P Hope you all appreciate all the time and hard work I give you guuuuys! heheh, just kidding! So yes, hope you enjoy the fillers, and see you again on the 20th! (runs off to be stressed)