And Off We Go

Posted by Ben on 2009-08-13

So, apparently Tria is getting married. Apparently to someone she calls, “Boy,” though I think his name is something like…Brian? Bufred? Ah right, Brad, that’s his name, Brad. So, Tria is getting married to Brad. Who knew? I know I did. She told me months ago. That’s why I’m not currently in a state of pure, unadulterated, blind panic, scrambling around for my copies of MSpaint and Photoshop, desperately trying to hack out a comic that vaguely resembles something funny without continuously referencing the fact that I can’t draw. Instead we have a couple of lovely guest strips brought to you by our friends at…well…other webcomics. Specifically, Thursday’s strip is brought to you by our friend Mad at Lust For Freelance. And Tuesday’s comic is brought to you by our friend Sara at Prophecy Failed. After that, next Thursday’s comic (the 20th) is brought to you by our friend at Dubious Company. Her website…oh wait that’s us.

Anyway, in a purely coincidental series of events I have to leave the country for several days about the same time Tria is getting married/on her honeymoon. As such…nothing will change. Tim was kind enough to program an auto updater for us, so Sara’s comic is already loaded up and ready to go. I suppose it means I don’t get to write special rants for both Mad’s comic AND Sara’s comic, but what are you going to do eh?

You’re going to congratulate Tria on getting married, that’s what you people are going to do. Because she’s awesome, and it would be rude not to. Congratulations Tria, have a long and happy life with Brad (a long and happy life that continues to draw comics for me).

Oh, and please do click those links. They are quite good.