Welcome Home

Posted by Ben on 2009-08-21

Hi all, so we’re back, or at least I am. I’m pretty sure Tria is back, but I’m also sure she’s still stupid, back to the wall busy. At least she’s back on track for drawing comics eh? Anyway, in my trip I’ve learned three things:

  1. Jet lag sucks. I mean it seriously sucks. You’re basically constantly sleepy and completely incapable going out or doing anything productive (like writing a “We’re Back” rant).

  2. People really like the raccoon. I’m not sure why, but both guests artists had ideas of the raccoon, totally unprompted from me.

  3. Next time we have guest strips, instead of asking, “Do you need me to write a script for you?” I will hand them a document and say, “Here is the script you will use.”

I’m kidding of course. Super kudos to our guest comicers (no that’s not a real word) for basically covering our asses and being funny to boot.

And no, I’m not going to put more Gay Cop Raccoon Man(?) in…unless I get some good ideas with him.