Guess What Day It Be!

Posted by Ben on 2009-09-19

Avast! It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! All ye landlubbers best be talk’n like pirates. Or I’ll keelhaul th’ lota ya! Yar har har! This be me favorite holiday! No finer night ta go rumm’n an’ wench’n. In that order! I be think’n tis be the finest holiday of em all!

I also be think’n I be need’n ta write some modern day Dubious Company strips. Tria, the fine lass, dida excellent job a draw’n Tiren ‘n Walter in casual gear. I be want’n ta see more o’ it.

Yar, idle thoughts these be…

Enjoy be’n a proper pirate fer the day, ya scurvy bilgerats!