Posted by Ben on 2009-10-06

So, we’ve been talking things over, and meeting with a consultant type guy, who is actually a friend of ours that’s experienced with this type of stuff, and we’ve decided to change the layout of the site…er…again. The idea is that the new site should be a bit easier to use, be organized a bit better in terms of the various pages and whatnot, and just generally be nicer looking.

Oh, and we’re getting rid of that blasted shoutbox. Not that Tria and I don’t like hearing from you guys (we do, it’s awesome), but that thing is just clunky as all get out, it breaks from the flow of the rest of the site, and runs ads that are…of poor quality. Assuming we did ever start advertising, you can be sure we’d avoid the more annoying ads (more than likely we’d just run ads for other webcomics).

That being said, since Tria and I love you guys so much we’re not getting rid of it till we find an at least halfway decent replacement. Sadly, most of the ones we’re looking at don’t fit into their own tiny little box (but they do look nicer, and don’t run the more annoying ads, or at least shouldn’t). If that’s the case, there sadly won’t be any room on the front page for the rants, thus they will be moved to a separate page.

Hopefully all this will happen within the week, so this is just a heads up. I’ll of course, keep you guys updated on any further changes. Also, we’ll of course keep bringing you comics of Dubious quality. Wait, that didn’t come out right…