Hello Again

Posted by Ben on 2009-12-04

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I’m sorry, I’ve been a neglectful author, I know. But I’m here now, and we can sit and chat for a bit. So…how are things? You been good? Anything new and interesting? Really? Uh huh. That’s interesting. No no, you look you fine. You’ve grown you know that? I know I always say that, but you really have. Oh, is that what happened? That’s amazing. Tell me more.

Ok, enough about you. This post is going to be all about me, and the comic, which is really why you’re here right? I know I said changes were coming and we were going to reformat the site to be bigger, better and more friendly for er…reading purposes? But thing thing is, and this is the big kicker here, we ran into a minor snag. I like to call this snag real life. Real life gets in the way, a lot. And I realize I use this excuse a lot, but well, it’s true. I’ve been limited to doing my homework for class in other classes. And Tim, the poor webmaster that has to actually implement the changes is taking double my workload. But fear not, winter break is coming up and me and my team can go ahead and ignore the website and play Warcraft instead.

Another thing, you may have noticed a lack of holiday comics (Greed day, Gluttony day, Lust day, etc.) I mean, Glutton day came and passed and not a comic or a post or even a special note from us. And there’s a reason for that. Actually there’s a bunch of reasons. First and foremost, I’m beginning to attempt to maybe sort of try to organize the plot of the comic and wrangle it back into something manageable from the gigantic confusing run away monster that I let it become. As such I need, ironically, more comics to move forward past the point where we’re at to the point I want us to be at so I can begin to do what I planned on doing instead of what ended up happening. That probably didn’t make any sense, but don’t worry. Suffice to say, working on other stuff for the comic, don’t have time for off topic, one shot, 4th wall breaking jokes anymore. The other reason is that, if you haven’t noticed, Tria has moved to Japan. She was in super crunch time right up until the time she moved, and I’m pretty sure she’s still pretty busy, so I’d rather not burden her with extra comics and what not.

Though she is still sending me comics on a fairly regular basis, so kudus to her. I have to admit, she has more dedication than I thought she’d have. I was afraid she was going to get married, run off to Japan and disappear from my radar, and I’d be stuck with a bunch of unfinished scripts and no one to draw them. But that didn’t happen! She’s still sending me stuff! The comic lives! Boy I wish I could reciprocate and hand her scripts back in turn. It’s weird, but I’ve been having trouble writing scripts and updates and what not since she left. Without someone to constantly talk to and banter back and forth, it’s surprisingly hard for me to write. I feel like I’ve lost my muse. OR, and I’m just saying this, it could be that I’ve been stupid busy for the past several weeks and I sent her enough scripts to last through mid January, so there’s no sense of urgency. I suppose time will tell…