And Away!

Posted by Ben on 2009-12-22

First off: Happy/Merry (Insert Holiday of Your Choice)! Tria and I got you some lovely colored comics for your present. These, of course, take the place of the normal comics we were GOING to display, but we just love you that much!

Actually, we planned on coloring the comics on the 22nd and 24th long before, but believe me it took some futtering around with scripts on my part to get them to fall on these days. For extra fun put them side by side (yes it’s a two parter). It doesn’t even interrupt plot like our normal holiday comics do, everyone is happy!

So, in different news, I’ll be traveling out of country for a couple of weeks. Out of country=spotty internet connection. Yes, that’s right, I’ll be talking even less than I normally do (which is almost none as it is). But, Tim’s automated update system seems to be working okay (we hope anyway), so you guys shouldn’t see any delay or filler in the comic schedule. Though, feel free to bug the crap out of him if something goes wrong.

And that’s it, I’m out! See everyone next year!