Because we needed a new rant

Posted by Elaine on 2010-03-26

To liven things up you see. Plus, I’ve been back in the world of the internets for a while. (We really don’t post stuff aside from holidays, huh?) Well, things are going well, in a few comics we’ll hit 300, and I have a nice little surprise for all you readers ^^ the art style will change a bit too, been trying to make my inking look better, so tell me what you think (it should start in April or so). Website changes are on the move, onces Tagalong becomes more free, we’ll get stuff all spruced up. Yeah…ummm, news news… Not much from my end. Been attempting to read all the new books I bought here in Japan, going very slowly, especially when I live right near a used book store and keep buying more… ah well. Been playing a lot of Gyakuten Kenji (or Ace Attorney Investigations to those of you in the English speaking world) and it’s pretty darn fun ^^ hilarious, in fact. Inspired a lot of comics that I posted on my deviant art, so head over there to check out my new art. Other than that, not much new. Japan is still being awesome, aside from the bitter cold and the never ending rain (SPRING. ARRIVE. NOW, PLEASE). Again, if you’re interested in how things are going here, go ahead and check out my Blog ( ) that I’m also terrible at updating, but there are some nice pictures. Thanks for reading the comic, and I hope you all are enjoying reading it as much as I’m enjoying drawing it ^_^