300? Really? 300! Wow...

Posted by Ben on 2010-04-28

Whew. Holky Crap, we’ve been at this for awhile. Time certainly whizzes by faster than it has a right to doesn’t it? Seriously, I know this sounds a bit weird, but number 300 just kind of snuck up on my while I was writing these scripts. And I didn’t even think anything of that particular number until Tria sent the initial copy to me all shiny and awesome and colored. Then, of course, for the next month I was all, “SQUUEEEE COMIC 300!” I’m actually very proud of that comic, both in how I managed to write it and how Tria was like…stupid wonderful at drawing and coloring it. Some of our best work yet if I do say so myself.

Seriously, look through our archives. It’s awful. I’m surprised that anyone actually stayed on to read this thing, and for this long. I’ve almost lost track of the number of times I’ve told myself, “Tag, stop writing this silly comic, you have better things to do with your time.” But then I think, “Only, people are actually reading it, and enjoying it.” I can’t give that up, if I did we’d just be another random unfinished sorry comic floating on the net till our web-hosting died. So, I’m with you guys. And I’ll be writing this thing till it comes to its natural end, I promise no random “BYE GUYS! I’M DONE HERE!” I just can’t do that to people who have stuck with us for that long.

On a completely separate note: Yes I know I said there would be some changes, many changes really, to the website. Well, um…real life hit. More specifically, the people who we outsourced to got hit by better paying offers. They’re still chipping away at it, but being able to pay rent/buy food kind of trumps a favor to an old friend. You guys understand right? If not, don’t worry I understand and that’s what matters. Fear not though. We’re still planning on the site revamp and all that, and I hope you all like the redesign we have in store.

So, thanks for all the good times everyone, and here’s to having so many more.