Information and Monkeys (APEs)

Posted by Ben on 2010-09-21

I’m sure most, if not all of you have seen Tria’s announcements about APE and are wondering, what the heck does she mean? Mythedge Comics? Special color comic? What is going on? Who are you people? Where are my shoes? Is there a magic pill I can take to make me lose weight? Well fear not gentle readers for I, TagalongDT, co-owner, co-creator and author of this fine comic will answer all your questions.

What the Heck Does She Mean? We (and by we, I mean me) will be at APE or Alternative Press Expo come this October. It’s basically a convention where artists, authors, animators and other creative types get together to showcase their work to both each other and the general public. APE is held in San Francisco, California on October 16 and 17. I’d highly suggest you stop by and check it out if you’re in the area; there’s going to be a lot of great artists there besides us.

Mythedge Comics? Now, if you do go to APE (which all of you are right?) you won’t find us under Dubious Company. Rather, you’ll find us under Mythedge Comics. It’s weird I know, but there’s a reason behind it. Mythedge Comics is an up and coming company formed by a friend of mine. He has graciously asked that Tria and I allow Dubious Company to be one of his spearhead projects, and we’ve agreed. So look us up under Mythedge Comics and you’ll find not only us, but a few other comics you may find entertaining (Dubious Company is the best one though).

Special Color Comic? Through Mythedge Comics we’re printing and publishing a special comic that will be for sale (in special, awesome, glorious, color print version). It’s a little something that Tria and I (mostly Tria) have been working on for the past several months. The comic is a little side story, just a bit of fluff that could have happened anywhere in the Dubious Company universe. Pending we’ll see what other things we can offer at our table, but the special comic is the main item you’ll want to at least browse (and we do welcome browsers).

What Is Going On? Um, I just answered that. Did you actually read any of the above paragraphs?

Who are You People? TagalongDT and TriaElf. We own, write and create the comic you’re reading. How’d you get on this site anyway?

Where Are My Shoes? Did you check under th- How the hell should I know? Stop asking me stupid questions. Comic and event questions only please.

Is There a Magic Pill I Can Take to Make Me Lose Weight? Short Answer: No. Long Answer: Kind of. Most fat burners fall into two categories. The ones most people use are based on the user having too high a caloric intake. These tend to take the form of shakes or bars. They’re basically a large volume of…er…crap. The intent is to fill your stomach with things that your body can’t use, so you feel full, but you get no actual caloric intake. However, if you keep eating a regular junk diet regardless, these will do nothing. The other kind assumes you’re working out, and they tend to made of a mix of stimulants and er…other chemicals. The intent behind these is to give you and energy spike during your workout, so you can last longer, and at the same time make it easier for your body to draw energy from fat cells rather than other sources. But you still have to work out. Wait! I said comic and event questions only.

Just, come to APE and look us up under Mythedge Comics.