Off to Sakura-Con We Go

Posted by Ben on 2011-04-17

As the title of the rant implies, we’ll be heading to Sakura-Con up in Seattle around April 22. And by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’ since Tria is still over in Japan doing…whatever it is Trias do in Japan. But that’s okay because I’ll be there and I’m sure you’re all dying to meet me, right? Right?

At any rate, I realize this is really short notice for a lot of you. Sadly this is really short notice for me too. I’m going to admit that I did not actually have the funds to attend Sakura Con. Fortunately, I have friends. Specifically I have friends who really really need a ride up to Seattle so they can attend Sakura Con.

So words were spoken, handshakes were exchanged, and a deal was struck. My friends will pay for my con pass, as well as hotel and some of the gas. In return I will haul their butts up to Seattle (and my butt as well). Yay for me! The downside is that it took so long to shift around money and arrange for hotels and such that I missed the deadline to attend in any official capacity.

The upside is that my friends do have a booth. More than likely I will be spending most of my time at said booth for several reasons. First, they’re my friends and I like hanging around my friends (who doesn’t? My friends are awesome). Second, they will more than likely need a bit of help running the booth and in addition to hanging out with my friends, I like helping them out. Third, they’re letting me hand out some Dubious Company material from their location, so I kind of owe it to them. Finally, it gives me a nice stable location in case any of you wonderful readers want to meet me.

So, if you’re at Sakura-Con (April 22nd-24th) try to find some time to stop by the Cel*Style booth. They specialize in anime style role-playing games, which is great for me because I love anime and I love role-playing. It’s like putting both of my heavy addictions into one wonderful bundle.

Remember, you can find me at Cel*Style games (or at least talk to some people who might know where I am). Keep reading and hope to see you all there.