Acen Breakdown

Posted by Ben on 2011-05-24

So, as word might have gotten out, I was at Acen this weekend. I say “might have” because I tried to keep my presence there low-key. In fact, I wasn’t even planning on mentioning it until Tria made a post about it on our Facebook. As I stated both in the comic’s comments and on Facebook, the reason behind this low-key, hidden attendance is because I couldn’t actually go as a Dubious Company official. Instead I attended as Acen staff. However, due to a bit of a snafu, I wasn’t sure which department I was in until that Wednesday. The unknown staffer issue cascaded into not knowing what my duties would be and not knowing what my schedule would be like, all of which made it that much harder to schedule any kind of Dubious Company meeting. Oh and the Hyatt charges like ten dollars per computer per day for internet, so I was pretty much in a digital communication hole since Thursday. Not to say I didn’t want to meet all you fans, say, “hi” compare notes and generally have a big party, but this Acen just wasn’t the convention for that to happen. Hopefully, if Dubious Company grows enough I can attend as TagalongDT of Dubious Company officially, and we can do a meet and greet. Who knows, maybe we can even do a photo shoot (psst: Tell people about how awesome our comic is so that can happen!)

The convention itself went very well. I’ll admit that I spent most of my time hanging out with some friends from high school. Honestly, that’s the major reason I still go to Acen, it’s an amazing con and all, but flying halfway cross the country for it takes its toll. On that note, I also spent a lot of time sleeping; jet lag is a harsh mistress. And I also spent quite a bit of time being a staffer and helping out the customer service department of Anime Central. All of that left me with pretty much zero time to actually do any typical con stuff. No panels, no masquerade, I didn’t even have time to hit the video game room. But I still think it was a great con. Something about the atmosphere in Acen makes it a fun place to be, even if you don’t have time to do any of the more traditional convention activities. Honestly, I’d have to say it’s because the convention was full of people ready to have a good time, so they are going to have a good time and it’s honestly really hard not to be around that many people having fun and not have fun yourself, even if you’re stuck behind a counter answering questions. Though there is something to be said about that warm, fuzzy, squishy feeling you get for making a con goer’s experience that much better.

At any rate, I’m sorry I don’t have a more, proper, better con break down for you folks. I’ll be the first to admit that Anime Central is an unusual con for me personally (I mostly go to visit old friends, and less for the con itself). More than likely I’ll have to keep staffing Acen, unless it becomes financially viable to attend as Dubious Company, but that doesn’t mean I can’t schedule times to meet you folks unofficially. Next con up to bat Kumoricon in Vancouver, Washington (Trying to get a panel there). Thanks folks and keep reading the comic!