News Everyone!

Posted by Ben on 2011-07-31

A lot of stuff’s been happening these past couple of weeks, and it’s all a random mishmash of horribly organized events (because Phred knows that I can’t have life events occur in nice, easily organized clumps). Since my attempts at telling you all the cool stuff that’s occurred in a reasonable fashion has been thwarted by life, I’m just going to start from the beginning (I tried starting in the middle once, it was really confusing and no one could talk to me for a week. Literally, I was incapable of hearing things for a full week).

First off, user Alto was kind enough to donate some more fanart. You can find the awesome pictures of Sal and Raque in the fanart section (as usual), and if anyone else has been struck by inspiration feel free to email either Tria or I (as usual). Side note: I know Enigma sent us a horribly, creepy laugh (I have fun playing that in the house late at night), but we are sadly incapable of hosting that right now (we’ve got Greg working on it). We’ll figure out something soon (DBC’s version of soon anyway).

Second, some old friends of mine have put together the start of a neat little Youtube series called Opensource. The basic concept is that two friends find a file on their buddy’s computer that’s a running dialogue of his subconscious thoughts, updated in real time. It’s only the first episode, but it’s pretty good (in my slightly dishonest opinion). The two glaring problems I can cite are: the sound quality is pretty bad at times (Casio and Brent need to SPEAK UP) but they know the issue and are working on it for the next episode. And they didn’t consult me enough when scripting the whole thing. But I only think that because I’m an arrogant jackass. Do check out the short, and let them know I sent you (because then they will owe me favors, sweet, delicious favors).

Finally, some better news (better than good, because there is only good news in the post)! Jake (over at Modest Medusa) and I have gotten a panel up at Kumoricon! Tentatively, we’ll be talking about our personal experiences in the webcomic industry (such that it is) but we’re both pretty open about the direction the panel goes. Regardless, I hope at least a few of you can make out to the convention. DBC also has an art table there, but sadly, we are missing a Tria, so it will just be TagalongDT and whatever arty type stuff she feels like sending me (I suppose I could write silly lines for people who request them). They’ve only okayed the panel, I’m not sure when we’ll actually be presenting but you can be sure I’ll keep you folks updated.

Whew, a whole post with only good news…I’m scared.