Come One, Come All

Posted by Ben on 2011-08-21

So, info time. As I said before Dubious Company has an art table over at Kumoricon. I, TagalongDT, will be there to meet, greet and sell various wares. Tria, sadly, will still be in Japan, but that’s okay, we’ll just have to have twice as much fun to make it for it. Please come on by and buy something, or just chat, I like meeting new people.

More importantly, Jake (from Modest Medusa) and I have a panel. The panel is called called Dubious Medusa, and it’s running that Sunday (the 11th) from 5:30-6:30, and it’s going to be awesome. We’ll be talking about our webcomics (obviously) offering advice for those who want to start their own webcomic and generally being entertaining. We’re even talking about giving away prizes to people who show up dressed as characters from the our comics (There had better be more Dubious Company Cosplayers than Modest Medusa cosplayers). Oh, and we’ll be giving away chocodiles. Assuming I don’t eat them all first.

On that note, while we have more than enough material planned (seriously we typically spend 3 to 4 hours a day discussing webcomics and anime and such with each other) we thought you guys might like to have some input on the panel. So is there anything you’d like to hear Jake and I talk about during the Dubious Medusa panel? Go ahead and give suggests, ask questions and voice opinions, the more input the better. Even if you aren’t planning on attending (obviously because the convention is too far away) we’d still like to hear from you. So drop us a line, or post a comment here and we’ll make this panel more fun than a rum party. Oh yeah, because of suggestions in the comments I’m going to leave this rant at the top of the rant pile longer than usual (so like, 4or 5 years given how often I rant).

Here’s hoping to hear from you all.