Short, but Fun (and Important)

Posted by Ben on 2011-11-28

So, we’re only almost to the end of our Kickstarter for Volume one, but there’s a few announcements I’d like to go over with you:

First and foremost, we’ve been featured on a Kicking It Geek Style! Go ahead and read it, Noel gets us to reveal some pretty interesting stuff about how the comic is done (though I may do a full rant on that later). You should also bookmark that blog, he does a great job of featuring different projects that are being Kickstarted (like ours!)

Second, I’ve put up the redone comic 12, you can find it both at our Kickstarter and at our Deviant Art. As of writing this we’re only 39 dollars from needing to redo Comic 20.

Which brings me to my final point, Tria and I have decided that, because you’re all so awesome, we’ll give everyone who backs us a desktop wallpaper, that’s regardless of backing level. If we can get to $3500, everyone will get two, double the fun!

Given how well we’ve been doing, I’m pretty sure that we’ll get the er…super extra achievement goal without an issue!