The News of Con Breakdowns (And Tagalong Breakdowns)

Posted by Ben on 2012-02-25

Anime on Display was fun, exhausting, but fun. I’ll admit most of the exhaustion was from the two day drive down. Then the second, two day drive back up. But the con itself was well organized, with a super friendly staff. Our panel was a bit thinner than at Kumoricon, but that’s to be expected when you range outside your home location. We did have our friend Ewen Cluney there giving his input on our panel (here’s his blog) and he gave me an “I ‘heart’ catgirls” sticker (which is now gracing my laptop). It’s always nice to meet new friends.

Other high points include meeting Ian and Jess McConville and Matt Boyd of Three Panel Soul. They were all super friendly and completely willing to put up with with my fan slobbering (Ian’s older comic, Mac Hall was a staple of mine back in the day). I also met and shook the hand of Jayson Thiessen, supervising director of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” He was also very friendly and willing to put up with my fan slobbering (AND I got his autograph!). Alright, I’ll stop with the fanboyism. Overall, I’d say it was a great place to debut Volume One.

Speaking of which, I’m sure some of you may be tired of hearing this, but Volume One is now on sale at Cel*Style If you’re a fan of the comic (or you just like Tria and I as people) you should totally buy the book, it represents about three years worth of comicing for us, and another about eight months of hard work getting the actually physical book together and organized. It looks spectacular. For those of you that pre-ordered through the Kickstarter: I’m organizing your rewards now (and actually waiting for a few of them to get to my place) so I’ll expect to start sending them out the first week of March.

In other news, I’ll be giving a release party/signing at Cosmic Monkey Comics in Portland on March 17th and as a special treat we’ll be able to skype in Tria. Yaaay! I realize that may be a bit out of your way for some folk, but I’d love it if any of you in the area could stop by and say “Hi.” Jake (from Modest Medusa) and I will also be at Chibi-Chibi Con in a couple of weeks (it was kind of a last minute thing, but I believe we’ve got a table and are presenting our panel). And last, but not least I’ll be at Gamestorm at the end of March. Though, I’m mostly going to play a whack ton of games, not as a Dubious Company guy. Still the Indie Hurricane both should be stocking at least a few copies of Volume One and if any of you want to drop me a line and get your game on with me; I’d love play a few rounds of…whatever game we decide to play.

Oh, and Tria has just told me (as of writing this post) that the friendly folk at Loom Studios have given us a link cause they like our comic that much! Go us! Anyway, I’m all newsed out (so much so I’m randomly making verbs out of nouns).