Some Sad News

Posted by Ben on 2012-04-25

Couple of quick things in this update. First of all, Tria and I are about ready to start writing the Special Awesome Thank You Comic for the Kickstarter. There’s still one or two of you who haven’t sent me your photos, please do so, I don’t want you guys to miss out, but we’ve held off as long as we can. May 7th, 2012 and I’ll have to start finalizing the script. Oh yeah, you guys should really consider buying Volume One if you haven’t already.

Now, some disturbing news. A few of you have mentioned that you’ve been receiving your packages only partially filled (Only the Evil Tower of Evil, as opposed to Evil Tower of Evil and Volume One). Well, I just received an email from somebody who received an already open and empty package. Please, if this happens, contact me immediately and send (email) me all the relevant shipping info. Specifically, save the packaging and try to get any barcodes and send/receive dates on the packages themselves. I’m hoping these were just isolated incidents, or a series of coincidences, but it’s becoming clear I’m going to have to start gathering data on the off chance I need to make a case out of this issue.

Well, anyway, some happy news. We’re going to be at Stumptown Comic Festival this weekend. Sadly they didn’t let us in proper, but Jake from Modest Medusa was kind enough to table share with me. I’m sure it has nothing to do with hauling all his stuff to the con. Hope to see you guys there, and please, watch out for messed up packages from us.