DBC Volume 2 kickstarter!

Posted by Elaine on 2012-12-21


Hey guys! I come to you, from the FUUUUTUUUURE (Japanese timezone) to deliver some great news! We’ve finished the 21st, onto the 22nd, and the world has not ended! I mean, my car broke, and the cat pooed on the floor, but other than that, we are safe! SAFE! And with this great news comes some EVEN BETTER NEWS! Dubious Company Volume 2 Kickstarter is now LIVE! WOW! With this kickstarter, you can get volume 2 of DBC, as well as tons of other great rewards! But wait, you might say, I missed out on the first kickstarter. I don’t have book 1! Never fear, I will say, one of the rewards give you BOTH books! DUDE! In addition, those of you who contribute today will have a unique reward! For the net 24 hours, those who contribute will get a totally special, unique drawing done by me! It can be anything you want, and it will be signed with a specialized message. This inked drawing will come on a lovely sketch card that you can display and show off to all your friends and tell them “See? The world DIDN’T end AND I got this totally rockin’ drawing that only a FEW people got the chance to get! Isn’t life the BEST?”

So, if you want to get in on this opportunity, you have until the end of the 21st (US Pacific time)! Go forth! And spread the joy of no zombie/ rabid kangaroo/ giant meteor apocalypse with your friends by sharing this link! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1304700212/dubious-company-volume-2

Thanks everyone, and let’s rock this one like we did the last one!