Aaaaa! I Can't Think of a Title!

Posted by Ben on 2013-01-26

Okay, first off, WOW! Thanks guys! Seriously, I’ve been sick for a few days, but I just checked up on the Kickstarter for Volume 2 and we completely blew past the book cover (which are not dust jackets, feel free to ask me about them) stretch goal. In fact, since posting the new goal (4200 - DBC themed calenders) we’ve already come within spitting distance. I’m in awe. Though, I’m sure more than a few of you would like to see DBC Theme Calenders.

In other news, I don’t normally do this, but a friend of mine showed me this game he had a hand in making. It’s called Cognition and I’m actually really excited about it. Couple of reasons. One, the art just looks badass, that’s a plus for me right there. Two, it’s a point and click adventure game. I LOVED point and click adventure games when I was younger. And say what you will about the obtuse puzzles, a good point and click (for me) had way more substance than any of the infinite brown shooters out today. Three, I’m sure it’s a good game cause they had one of the guys who wrote Gabriel Knight work on this game (if you don’t know Gabriel Knight, look it up at At any rate, they need a bit of help getting greenlighted at steam.

Otherwise yes. Thanks everyone for your continued support of Dubious Company Volume 2 and see if you can through a little support at Cognition