Things Got Complicated

Posted by Ben on 2013-07-17

Well, not really complicated, but it’s a catchy title right? The long and short of it is that we’re exhausted. I know Tria has been working over time trying to maintain 4 comics + whatever side jobs she’s picked up to make ends meet. Meanwhile, I’ve been running two webcomics and hitting between 6 to 8 cons a year. It’s fun, it’s worthwhile, but it’s super draining, and the whole process is starting to take its toll on us.

In all honesty, I didn’t even realize how tired I was until I ran into a couple of really stressful conventions. Those conventions, coupled with the fact that Kickstarter 2 is actually costing us quite a bit of money to finish (the cost of shipping jumped between when we closed the Kickstarter and now, it’s not really anyone’s fault) had me draw on emotional and mental reserves that…just weren’t there. Yeah, little mini-Tagalong breakdown, unpleasant. Anyway, at that point I realized that I needed a break, at least a short one, and Tria, who does like a million and one things each day, agreed.

So here we are, taking a month off, we’ll be back on Aug. 20th. I want to make it clear that we’re not doing the “haitus” I’ve seen many older webcomics take, where the creators say they’ll take a short break, and be back as soon as life settles down, and they get their creative gears back in place and what have you. I’ve lost many a good webcomic to that attitude. No, we’re setting ourselves a very clear schedule, and we’re sticking to it. If I break this schedule, you all may go ahead and punch me in the gut (but I won’t pay for travel or lodging).

Additionally, ONLY Dubious Company will be on hiatus, the rest of our projects over at “Tiny Blue Dragon Studio” will continue as normal, especially Licensed Heroes. Regardless, we will see you all August 20, and thank you all for being so understanding.

-Ben (TagalongDT) Hsu