Patreon, A Crash Course

Posted by Ben on 2014-06-16

The heck is Patreon?

Patreon is a service that allows for fans of webcomics to directly support their comics (okay, really it’s any web based work, including videos, podcasts, Let’s Plays, etc. But we do webcomics). In turn, through the Patreon site we can reward our fans for their support.

Does this mean you’re now a pay site?

We are not a pay site. We will never be a pay site. Patreon is totally voluntary and Elaine and I refuse to deny people our entertainment because money happens to be a little tight from month to month.

So what do we get out of it?

Besides the joy in your heart that comes from helping support the folk making the comics you love? Well, we’ve got a wide variety of rewards for our supports. Plus if we reach certain milestones, we’ll go ahead and open up some options that benefit the whole fan community!

Sounds great! Where do I start? Just go to our patreon and become our patron! You can also mention both our comics and the Patreon to all your friends!

Thanks so much for making these comics possible. Ben “TagalongDT” Hsu