Posted by Ben on 2006-05-02

ACEN ACEN ACEN!! That’s Anime Central for those of you who insist on using the full name. Tria and I will both be attending the aforementioned convention this weekend. But fear not, this to was foreseen in the prophecies and we prepared the comic in advanced for Tim to put up (Tim’s note: We’re actually like 2 weeks ahead. They’re holding out on you. What a bunch of bas– what are those black SUVs doing outside my hou); so there won’t be any break in the schedule.

Unfortunately, we won’t have a booth (they cost money and we’re both poor), but attending as a normal con goer is just as good in my opinion. Anyway, hope to see some of you there, even if you won’t know it’s us (Tim’s note: And they won’t know it’s you!)