The Future is Here!

Posted by Tim on 2006-05-03

sings Syndicated… Incorporated…

So, Dubious Company now has an RSS feed. This is the first of many pointless features I’m adding because I’m bored. If your browser supports RSS (this should be almost all browsers except IE before version 7), you can now get automatic updates when there’s a new comic. I’ve also added a feed for rants, linked from the bottom of the page to pre-emptively appease Ben, but let’s be honest with ourselves: you don’t care.

Currently I’ve set the feed to link to and display the latest five comics. Is this too many? Not enough? Do you like me? Are there stag beetles in your pants? If any of the above questions reflect your opinion, my e-mail address is over on the Contact page. Your input is especially appreciated if you’re a regular user of other RSS feeds, since I don’t use them myself.