Rant time!

Posted by Elaine on 2006-05-10

Yes, as Tagalong said, I was at ACEN this last weekend. Unfortunately, I was not learning to draw better, but was instead finding out how to pursue my dream as a voice actress. I got to meet Quinton Flynn (the voice of Axel in KH II, Reno in FF7:AC and Iruka in Naruto (Tim’s note: And Raiden in MGS2. Can’t forget Raiden.)) and he was totally awesome.

So as I said, I was at ACEN and when I got back and all I realized one horrible thing: I’m poor. So veeeery poor, and as I’m going to Ireland this summer, I won’t be able to get a job. So, I’m deciding to take a stab at the commission business (as I tried at Fanime, and I worked pretty well). So here we go: If you want an example of my art, take a look. I’ll do almost anything but I do draw a few lines. Email me if you want a commission, but if it’s something really horrid and icky, I may refuse. Buy try me, I may surprise you ^_^ so yes, and remember… I NEEEEEEDS DA MONEYS! Also, I like drawing! ^____^