Writing Problems

Posted by Ben on 2006-08-04

I lied, I’m just a big liar. I said I wouldn’t bug you guys about

random stuff in this rant space, but you know what? I’m tired of

staring at the constantly unchanging rant space each week. Also, it’s

my rant space, so I’m going to use it as I please and you’re all going

to like it. Or just ignore it; it’s not like you have to read these

to understand the comic.

Anyway, before I started the comic I had a couple of other stories

going – normal fiction stories. Just recently, I found myself with a

bit of extra time and I thought I might try to start those up again.

So, I sat down and started writing again, and I realized something.

I suck. I mean I really, really suck. The world has yet to determine

the depths of my suckage at writing now. While I wasn’t really that

impressive of a writer before hand, almost a year of writing in

nothing but dialogue bits has degraded me to a 4th grade writing


It’s not really a writer’s block, I wish I had that problem. No, I

have plenty of ideas; they all just come out like the insane rantings

of a mental patient. It either doesn’t make sense, or it puts me to

sleep, while I’m writing it.

No problem, that just means I can focus all my creative juices (mmm,

squishy!) on the comic right? Well, see, that’s the thing is, I

noticed, as you may have noticed that Tria has been drawing everything

chibi lately. Not really a big deal, we’re not really running a

serious comic here, but I do miss the old, more realistic, drawings

she used to do. So, I asked her about it. Easiest way of doing

things, if you want to know something, ask.

Apparently I’m writing too much for the comic, she can’t fit

everything in UNLESS she draws it chibi. So, if you don’t like the

change in the art style, you can blame me. But, that also means, in

order to get the comic art back to what it was I need to write less.

I’m going to keep the same about of strips, I’m just going to cram

less words in per strip.

So, expect the writing quality to go down slightly for a bit while I

get used to the writing style and the art quality to improve, as Tria

gets used to my new writing style. If the art doesn’t go back to

normal, bring it up with Tria.

On another note, if anyone can get me like two extra hours a day to

get my story writing done in, I’d love it.