The Modern Major Pirate

Posted by Ben on 2006-09-17

Yar! This week be hav'n intar'nashun'al talk lika pi'rat day (Sept. 19th). An' I be show'n ya a bit'o modarn piracy. They be a far cry from th' good ole buccenears, but thar still be plenty o' pillagen an' looten (not so much raping, unless you count all the affronts to Miss .Jpeg). Har har!

In other news my poor laptop finally came back from being repaired; as Walter has shown in the comic. Anyway, they did indeed wipe the hard drive; actually it looks like they just gave me a new one. I got lucky in that most of my stuff ended up backed up by either Tim or Tria, but I still took quite a hit. Total losses:

-Replacing scripts, comics and random pics - 5 minutes -Redownloading various lost programs - 20 minutes -Resetting up the computer to my likings - 2 hours -Various pictures and wallpapers - Lost -Several stories I was writing independently, and character backgrounds for DC - Lost

Yeah, it's that last one that hurts the most. In all honesty, the stories were due for a rewrite. But it still stings.

Anyway, ye bes' be talk'n like a pi'rat on September 19th, ya landlubbers!