Back in time for Halloween

Posted by Ben on 2006-10-30

Alright, I've been gone for awhile, not really gone, I've still been actively working on the site, but it's been about 2 months since my last rant. But, there is a reason. The theater company I work for started its regular season, which means the month before and during a show, I have no free time. At the same time I've been looking at my life, and been wondering about where I am and all that angsty annoying crap. As such I've finally decided to go back to school. Ok, fine, I'm a lying sack of shit. We did run a show for the past month (live theater), which DOES cut into my free time, but mostly my free time has been taken up by shiny things like World of Warcraft and Xenosaga III.

Regardless, it's the week of Halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays. It's probably the one holiday I won't give an insulting name (Christmas is Greed Day, Thanksgiving is Gluttony Day, Valentine's day is Lust Day, etc.). Why? Because Halloween is awesome. Not, for the candy, I gave up trick or treating years ago, and not for the general creepiness, which is still awesome. No, Halloween is my favorite holiday because it's the one day in the year everyone gets to be themselves. That's the point of costumes.

See, most people seem to be under the impression that Halloween is the one day out of the year you can not be yourself and be totally weird and crazy. Not true, not true at all. Logically, if you were yourself most of the time, you'd never have the need or want to dress up and be someone or something else. No, everyone in the US, possibly the world, has to spend all day, every day, pretending to be a "Perfectly acceptable and well adjusted individual." They have to play the part of the less awesome version of themselves. BUT!! But, but, but, on Halloween all bets are off. Like Clark Kent shedding his reporter outfit and donning his superman costume, we get to show the world our true selves in all our radiant glory.

Well, ok, obviously we still can't fly, and lift buildings and run up walls and shit. But, you know, we'd show the world how awesome we would be if we didn't have that annoying real world bugging us. Me? On October 31st I will show my true self as a catgirl cyber ninja zombie hunting space pirate, that shoots not lazers, but lazer swords...that are on fire. Cold fire. Right before pulling out my two lazer scythes (dual wielding) and cutting apart my enemies up close.

Yeah, I'm lying again, I'm probably going to hole up in my basement and marathon a bunch of Japanese horror films, and them play the Fatal Frame series.