Get away from that Turkey, it's MINE

Posted by Elaine on 2006-11-20

Happy thanksgiving all! Wow, I've had a busy, BUSY week. I was working fly-op for my school's production of "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" and BOY did that eat up all my time. Then I get to study madly for my Art History midterm (the SECOND midterm) on Tuesday the 21st. BUT, then my boyfriend comes to pick me (yeah, I be taken. Sorry all ^_^) and we go to his house for Thanksgiving and OMG REAL FOOD and it'll probably kill me. To explain, the food at my school has the nasty habit of hurting you after you eat it. Even pasta can hurt. So, after a few weeks, your stomach gets used to the terrible poison and no more meds are needed to cure indigestion. But when I go back into the real world and eat real food, it's so pure and good that I get Downer (the name of our cafeteria-yeah, silly name I know) symptoms. So I'll be eating wonderful, delicious food knowing that it'll hurt me after. Oh well. I hope you all enjoy the pic, it was very fun to color. I tried a few new things and it was exciting to color Sal for the first time! Enjoy!