Posted by Ben on 2006-11-26

It took me a while to figure exactly how many times Sal should have been kidnapped. Initially, it was going to be about two to three times a year, totaling to 38. Which, in all honesty, is quite a lot of times to be kidnapped.

But then I realized that 38 just wasn't a very funny number. It was far too low. I was in a rut; how would I find a number large enough to be funny? In desperation, I started doubling numbers, starting from one. Eventually, this brought me to the number 1024, now that was funny. Sure, I could have doubled it once more, but then I'd be left with the number 2048, and that's far too high. I mean once we've broken the realm of 1000, it starts getting tricky, and by 2000, well, you've just gotten silly. So that left me with Sal being kidnapped 1024 one, because it's always funnier to add one.