Posted by Ben on 2006-12-02

Well, if you couldn't tell from the comic above, Tria has run into problems with the amount of studying school is asking of her. Yes, I'm afraid her course work has eaten her brain again, like some flesh-eating bacteria. Tim and I administered a broad spectrum of antibiotics as soon as we found out, and managed to free up enough neurons that we got the above comic. I'm not entirely sure what she's talking about, but I'd guess that the infection is of the "art history" variety. That being the case, there's little we can do but hope her mental systems are strong enough to absorb the infection into themselves, before the infection takes over completely. If that happens, well, I hope you guys like comics about Haniwa Horses and whatnot, cause that's all we're going to get out of her.

Anyway, on a related topic that has nothing to do with anything, I felt kind of bad that you (re: the six of you that actually read the rants) didn't get to read any of my humor this week. Therefore, this week, I will endeavor to entertain you with one of my flash fictions, and show you why I'm writing for a low profile webcomic instead of like, say, an actual magazine, or even a high profile webcomic.

Insert Title Here

*Ring Ring* *Click* Yes? Sorry, our other communication lines have been compromised. This is the most secure method right now. I see, no problem. Indeed. Regardless, we've traced the target moving to your point. Intercept at point Zeta Nine. Understood, do I get any back up? Negative, he's already taken out squads two and three. It's just you. Your 'special' training should be more than enough. Alright, anything else? Yes, target is extremely dangerous, use any force necessary to take him down, even Tertiary-level weapons. You're allowing Tertiary weapons? You guys aren't kidding around anymore. If you fail to take down the target, the whole area becomes a wasteland. Don't fail. Understood, I'm moving out now. *click* Hey, who was that on the phone? I have no idea, wrong number. Hey, go back, I wanted to watch Naruto.