Greed and Envy, Two Sins in One

Posted by Ben on 2006-12-23

I think the above comic sums up my Christmas spirit in one nice little package. Actually, it's not that I hate the holiday season; I'm actually quite fond of it. It's just the obsessive need for commercialization just kinda ruins the mood for me. I don't like feeling obligated to buy presents for people. I don't like spending money I don't have for stuff people probably aren't going to use. I don't like driving around for 45 minutes looking for parking. But I'm sure you've heard all this before.

Lately my friends and I have come to an agreement. No one I know really likes doing that kind of stuff. So, we just don't get each other gifts. That's right I get no gifts for my friends and they get me nothing. We spend the holidays around each other and just have fun, it's awesome, and we save both money and time. This is perfect for me, partly because it bypasses pretty much all corporate bullshit which pisses me off so much, and mostly because I'm amazingly lazy and don't really feel like trying to think up gifts to give people. Take that you greedy ass corps, putting words in our mouths about how to celebrate the holidays.

Anyway, I'm out of the country for a couple of weeks pretty much right after christmas is over. However, as usual, I've planned ahead and sent plenty of scripts to Tria, as well as making sure she's got the time to draw them. So if the sight doesn't update while I'm gone, it's Tim's fault. Blame him, email him a lot to tell him as much.

Oh, and have a Happy Holiday Season, and New Year, and all that stuff.